What is PPGIS and Why is it Important?

PPGIS involves few participants that can gather useful information and data for planning and decision making.

What is PPGIS and Why is it Important?
What is PPGIS and Why is it Important?

What is PPGIS and Why is it Important?

GIS became very popular by the 1990s and helped in spatial decision making and environment monitoring. Since then, private, academic, or government institutions have access to data. They have technical knowledge about how and where to use it. But the participation of the public in creating data and sharing information has its importance. Data shared by the public is useful for shaping policy and decisions. 

What is PPGIS?

Public Participation GIS involves few participants that can gather reliable information and data for planning and decision making. The residents’ insight into the surroundings and living in the environment is utilised in the various planning process by the government and local bodies. 

New tools are now available for collecting and simplifying data to increase the transparency and understanding of the information. A comprehensive participatory planning support system and PPGIS tools are the main parts of the mainstream planning practices. If the collected data and analysis are found valuable by the planners, it can be used as meaningful support to the master plan of the project. 

Why is the perspective of residents necessary?

The selected residents for PPGIS can provide information about their consumption resources, land development, and use more accurately. Landscape characteristics and demographics in protected areas are well known to the local communities. Their involvement in such projects makes sure that there will be no opposition during development. The community preferences mapped by the residents are a valuable tool for stakeholders and policymakers. 

The local acceptance of management actions by the community is an important factor while planning a project. The potential areas of conflict are marked at the initial level to save time, money, and loss to people and government. 

Any Development policy affects the community. People don’t usually understand the criteria given by the government or officials. The participation of the community through GIS has been applied in many projects. People understand the challenges and limitations of what they can do in their surroundings when they are involved in development projects.

Training and software for PPGIS

The participation is not limited to providing technology; proper training is also needed for active participation. It is not about the numbers of participants, but their skills to get appropriate input. 

Open source GIS and ease of access has increased public interest in participating and establishing partnerships. The GIS interfaces and data developed to fit the community needs require public participation in data gathering and presentation. User-friendly and open source software is helping people to learn and understand more about GIS and its importance in the development process. 

There are some limitations like the availability of software, community education, and sites that fit the languages. An active approach is very critical to get more positive results from public participation. 

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