The fascinating world of GIS- An Introduction.

GIS is a fascinating field of study and research. Here is a brief introduction to this beautiful and sophisticated science.

The fascinating world of GIS- An Introduction.

The fascinating world of GIS- An Introduction.

Imagine it is 2019- you sit in your car and speak “drive me to work”. A map pops up on your screen showing you the shortest route, the live traffic, and even updates about roadwork in progress. You then say “add stop- Starbucks” because who doesn’t love a good coffee in the morning, right? The map beeps and finds the nearest coffee shop; it almost accurately estimates your detour and time of arrival to work.

Now, this would be the imagination in the early 2000s, where maps meant big pieces of paper and a hopefully decent general sense of direction. But today, it is the reality that many of us live and breathe; it is the reality most of us cannot live without!

In this timeframe of 30 minutes, a GIS has worked at least ten times for you. Without realizing, you have used a superior and advanced technology that is now available at the drop of a hat and to the cue of your voice!


The Geographic Information System is a system designed to seize, accumulate, employ, and supervise geographic and spatial data. The emphasis being on “Geographic”, this means, that the data in some way or the other references surface of the earth and even specific locations.

This technology is rapidly being used in problem-solving and decision making. It helps analyze, determine, and assess the locations, features, density, and phenomena associated with lands, and their dynamic use.

This term cannot be contained in one definition and has dynamically changed over time.

It refers to multiple technologies and applications working in sync with each other to provide real-time and static data to users for understanding, study, and even scientific purposes.

It helps relate information that is not related by taking location as the key variable. (For example- Weather and traffic! “There is a 40% chance of rain in your area, take Expressway 01 to avoid traffic on the Inner Circle” sound familiar?)

GIS is consistently evolving and becoming a major stream of study by the day.

The use of GIS in our daily lives is a standing proof of how useful this technology has proven over the years.


First used in 1968, the term Geographic Information System was coined by Roger Tomlinson, who is also known as the Father of the GIS technology.

Over the years, it has stood the test of time and come on top. Being cost effective and efficient- GIS is here, and it is here to stay.

Stay tuned and follow us for more information about this thrilling and fascinating information about this human-made wonder!