Know all about Building Information Modeling or BIM

What is BIM, or building information modeling? This BIM video explains why AEC practitioners are using building information modeling and how BIM is helping the industry to more efficiently design, build and operate buildings and infrastructure.

Know all about Building Information Modeling or BIM?

Building Information Modelling is an advanced technology that assists architects, engineers, and construction professions in planning, designing, constructing, and managing the development and building of infrastructure. 

This technology integrates the five main aspects of a project in a manner that enforces effectiveness throughout. 

The main elements of BIM are Information, Technology, People, Processes, and Policies. The combination of these elements forms intelligent modelling, and these are the very five pillars of BIM. 

It may sound like BIM is an application that helps build 3-D Models of infrastructure, but now, this high tech Artificial Beauty can produce 4-D, 5-D, and even 6-D models that not only tell you the conventional 3-D height, width, and depth, but also time, costs, and operations. 

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