Shocking- Greenland Lost 12.5 Billion Tons of Ice in a Single Day

The amount of ice collectively lost last Wednesday and Thursday would be enough to cover Florida in almost five inches of water.

Shocking- Greenland Lost 12.5 Billion Tons of Ice in a Single Day
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Shocking- Greenland Lost 12.5 Billion Tons of Ice in a Single Day

The Greenland Ice Sheet is in grave danger and is melting rapidly. 

The Greenland Ice Melt is starting earlier, becoming more intense, and lasting much longer. Billions of tonnes of melted ice water have flown into the Atlantic Ocean through July itself in 2019. This has directly resulted in a significant and immediate impact on sea levels. Almost 40% of the Greenland ice sheet had been impacted in some way or the other. 

Sea levels have been rising at an alarmingly high rate. This melt was a result of a warm air bubble that moved to Greenland after an unusually warm summer across Europe. A map from Goddard Earth Observing System showed how air temperatures two metres above the ground had risen considerably over the previous week. 

Apart from a few ground-based instruments for measurements, including the Summit Station- the central ice sheet area rarely sees temperatures exceeding the freezing point (0°C). But on 30th July, the temperatures stayed at or above the freezing point for almost 11 hours, which is twice the time the temperatures stayed this high back in 2012. 

Shocking Video of Greenland Ice Melting

This drastic event followed a similar pattern to its 2012 counterpart where the melting was preceded by a warm day followed by a day of cooling. Warm temperatures cause the melted ice water to collect on the surface of the ice sheets that causes natural discolouration and problems. 

There are a few reasons this could happen. It could be because of the trajectory of warm air, or the summer heat bubble, or the hundred other reasons that we give our environment every day ranging from pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gases, depletion of natural resources to natural disasters. 

The amount of Arctic ice that melts every summer is rising every year. There has been an enormous loss of ice in the Arctic region resulting in loss of wildlife as well. 

Greenland is warming rapidly because of climate change and environmental depletion. Preservation of the environment is the need of the hour, and people need to understand that to protect ourselves, we need to protect the environment. It might not directly impact us, but a chain reaction is coming our way, and we need to watch out. 

Despite awareness about rising sea levels and melting polar ice caps, there has not been enough action taken to prevent or control this damage. Once we come together and realise nobody can save the world but us, we can work towards a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.