LiDAR and its Use in Security

LiDAR has become a powerful force that, if combined and used in conjunction with smart geospatial data, can yield remarkable results. Find out more:

LiDAR and its Use in Security
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LiDAR and its Use in Security

While RADAR and SONAR have been the key players in remote sensing across the world today. LiDAR is taking over rapidly. The future of remote sensing, LiDAR, has proven itself to not only to be advanced but also very efficient and quick. 

Today, LiDAR is being used in many different aspects and industries such as autonomous vehicles, security and surveillance, research, smart cities, and advanced security, such as intrusion monitoring and management. 

From robot taxis to delivery drones, LiDAR has taken the world of autonomous vehicles by storm. Smart cities with LiDAR enabled parking spaces, public transport, and utility systems are all set to become the cities of the future.

The global market for LiDAR is all set to witness a leap of more than $1.5bn in the next 5 years. The demand of industries for a more accurate remote sensing technology and a more secure sensor system has led to the uprising of LiDAR as a leader in remote sensing. 

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LiDAR has already proven to be of value through its usage in defence and homeland security in America. It has become a powerful force that, if combined and used in conjunction with smart geospatial data, can yield remarkable results.

The increasing number of uses of LiDAR information is a result of the technology’s ability to create realistic, three-dimension models of objects. These models not only help identify the distance of these objects but also the object’s size, its speed, and its general direction.

Another massive advantage LiDAR brings to the table that it is weather-proof. LiDAR works in all climate and atmospheric conditions. It also functions perfectly in all kinds of lighting, including darkness. While the system creates red-black imaging in low resolution, these images are highly accurate in terms of distance. Every millimetre is measured by LiDAR. 

LiDAR, also known as Laser Radar, is something Elon Musk has been against for a long time. Tesla’s autonomous vehicles, which are only at a Level-2 of autonomy, only use radar and cameras for maneuvring. 

While agencies that would use LiDAR are ready, researchers and manufacturers of LiDAR are of the opinion that the technology is not yet ready for mainstream use. Security is a sensitive issue, and while it is important to deploy the best-in-class technology for securing, it is also important to use technologies that are viable.

LiDAR is a very specialized technology that has not been applied in many fields except for a few niche fields. The prices of adopting LiDAR are still very high as the most basic models with the technology start from a hefty $500 and go into tens of thousands of dollars.

It has many advantages; one of them being the significant attention to detail it brings in terms of the physical environment the sensors are able to detect. All in all, it is a promising technology that is all set to become the future of security. 

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