How Artificial Intelligence is taking on COVID-19

Drug companies are utilizing Artificial Intelligence technologies to predict which drug has the capability to treat the virus. It is a faster and cheaper way available. Find out more:

How Artificial Intelligence is taking on COVID-19
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How Artificial Intelligence is taking on COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence has its name on many research papers published. It is a faster way to understand the complexity of various processes and behaviour. Artificial Intelligence is being used in drug development and lab trials for long. Medical researchers use Artificial Intelligence as a tool to extract relevant information from vast data. 

Scientists are tracking new ways to examine the spread of the virus and to fight COVID-19 Pandemic. Data engineers, Data Scientists, and volunteers sort out the information to find out various COVID-19 risk factors, origin, genetic, and evolution. Also, the effectiveness of vaccines, surveillance, or diagnostics using various machine learning processes is crucial to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways to use Artificial Intelligence during a worldwide pandemic

There is a large amount of data and research papers present on coronavirus. The application of Artificial Intelligence helps the researchers to extract useful information from the pool of data. Everyone is looking for a solution to COVID-19 pandemic as temporary measures like lockdown are affecting the economy and our daily lives. Time limitation is crucial, and the spread of the virus must slow down to save lives. 

How is Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning helping healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has exceptional capabilities to scale back the current practices for the same situation in the future. It will save time in preparing guidelines and safety measures for a similar scenario. Drug companies are utilizing Artificial Intelligence technologies to predict which drug has the capability to treat the virus. It is a faster and cheaper way available. 

COVID-19: launched to map testing locations

Deargen, a South Korea based company, has come out with a model that analyzed the available FDA-approved drugs. Among them, HIV medication atazanavir was found to be most effective in blocking and binding the prominent protein on the outside of the virus. Now it is using Deep Learning for an antiviral generation. 

Similarly, Hong King based Insilico Medicine used an AI-based platform and deep learning filter to find the molecules with the potential of blocking the virus's replication ability. 

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are important not only to minimize the fatalities but also reduce the burden on medical professionals and volunteers. Hospital staff is at high risk of catching the disease, but Artificial Intelligence can help them out through various means. Robots or ambulances, AI can assist in speeding up the workflow. 

China is using drones and apps to remind people about the necessary precautions. Various apps are now available that will tell you what you can do when contracted the virus. 

Knowledge sharing at every level using Artificial Intelligence helps several agencies to collaborate and promote transparency. Since COVID-19 is a global pandemic, open access to data will help governments to take necessary actions at the right time.

Artificial Intelligence also supports the purpose limitation and personal data collected to track the virus can not be used otherwise. Some countries are tracking individuals, and others are keeping an eye on the movement of groups, Artificial Intelligence is useful for both in keeping data privacy rights. 

Testing a wide array of drugs to find a potential treatment or keeping track of the spread of disease, Artificial Intelligence can reduce the time and efforts to find a final solution to this worldwide pandemic.