Here's how drones are being used to fight Covid-19

Drones are helping companies deliver essential commodities to the public at a time when it is important that you don't come in contact with anyone. Find out more:

Here's how drones are being used to fight Covid-19
Here's how drones are being used to fight Covid-19

Here's how drones are being used to fight Covid-19

You might have seen drones performing various gigs or even being used in various commercial or recreational areas. However, drones are now also being used in the battle against Covid-19. Besides aiding the govt bodies in maintaining social distancing, lockdowns and curfews, drones are helping companies deliver essential commodities to the public, at a time of no-contact delivery of goods.

Role of drones in meeting the challenge

Amid this crisis, we came across this new term called social distancing. Now, we don't know how much longer it will last but nevertheless, we can communicate and help each other with technology. 

To minimize the impact corona has caused on world businesses, it is important that we pay attention to social distancing. From delivering test kits in infected areas to supplying medicine to quarantined patients, drone-army is active 24x7. 

Drones are being used for media capture, security monitoring, temperature readings, lockdown monitoring and more. The professional drone operators ensure safety and regulatory precautions during the flight. 

Drone providers like Zephyr Drones are helping property dealers and contractors in mapping and documenting to keep an eye on their sites. They are well-informed about the assets and current situations on the site.

What service drone companies are providing in this Global crisis?

Apart from promoting social distancing, drones are helping government agencies, small and big businesses to minimize the impact of pandemic. 

Draganfly, a Canadian drone solutions provider is helping to develop a drone that will immediately identify the spread of disease. This ‘Pandemic’ drone will fly overcrowd and determine their temperature and respiratory issues.

Another game-changer for healthcare is Zing, which is building a no contact delivery system. Distribution of medical supplies and consumer goods without being in contact is highly effective in maintaining social distancing. 

To fight the Novel Coronavirus disaster, drones have become a necessity. Zipline, a common name in Drone delivery services is also helping decision-makers to assist with coronavirus crisis. They even have ready to go health delivery partners. 

Advantages of using Drones during this pandemic

Demand for continuous goods supply but keeping a social distance has risen in the last few months. Drones can help in supplying useful test kits and help in early warning to avoid the potential outbreak of Covid-19.

Regular supply at the right time will reduce overcrowding in hospitals and pressure on medical practitioners. Free beds are crucial for those who really need medical attention. These test kits will make sure that only confirmed cases are being hospitalized. 

Many important services like blood supply are suffering due to lockdown. Drone delivery can increase access to such services during social distancing. Other important equipment like masks, sanitizer and gloves can be supplied to needy using drones. 

Drones are also useful in spraying places with disinfectant to avoid the infection. If the companies start accepting and using the changed technology and policies, there will be less effect on the economy, once the pandemic is over.