Galileo-Europe's version of GPS is down, Raises Serious Questions

The EU’s Galileo network has been offline for around four days, suffering massively degraded service with 24 of its 26 listed as ‘not usable’ and two listed as ‘testing’

Galileo-Europe's version of GPS is down due to 'technical incident'

Europe's Galileo satellite network has been down since Friday, due to a technical incident on the ground infrastructure. Though, the network's search and rescue function, i.e. Galileo Search and Rescue ( SAR) service, that helps people in distress is still operational. 

GSA told service users on Saturday that "the cause of the technical incident is identified" and on Sunday said that the incident is "related to its ground infrastructure". Before that, GSA also issued a notification on Thursday, warning users that the signals might become unreliable. Then, an update came at 01:50 Central European Time on Friday to say that the service was out of use. 

According to the specialist sat-nav site 'Inside GNSS', the glitch happened at the Precise Timing Facility (PTF) in Italy, where all the Galileo system clocks are calibrated and checked.